Verity Moore

Who is Verity? Here are a few clues:

  • The idea of change and new experiences excites her until she realizes just how enormous the task will be. Then she looks for the nearest escape hatch. But, by then, it’s usually too late to bail out.
  • There are few things she dislikes more than the logistics of packing and moving from one location to another: at last count she has moved 27 times. She has two masters degrees: Christian School Education and Journalism.She has taught in elementary, high school, and trade school, including seven years as a learning disability therapist.

    She has also been a waitress, car salesman, tour director, and tow truck driver.She’s currently a taxi driver for the Amish, using the time while she waits on her passengers to write her rough drafts. She still prefers to do that first draft with pen and paper.

She’s delighted to share the Caparian world with you and hopes you discover quests in the most unlikely places.

About the book

The land of Capular is close to annihilation—and is unaware of its danger.

Their hope lies in Cierra, artist and master bel ringer, and Kyam, an exiled Elpan warrior.

—if they recognize the signs of impending disaster

—if they can overcome fears from past failures

—if they learn to use each other’s strengths

—if they listen carefully to The Masters’ instructions

Then there is still hope for Capular.

Join Cierra and Kyam as they

—fight werfs and fulcarries

—battle supernatural storms

—discover vital rules of the Outer Realm

Summoned and Pursued are the first two books in the Caparian Saga—a fantasy series filled with adventure and allegories. (Look for book three, Besieged, in March of 2020.)

Read them for a story line with unexpected twists and turns.Immerse yourself in them as the characters become friends.Explore them for layers of spiritual insights and a fresh look at your design and purpose.

For ages teens and up.

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