David Oliver

Working with evangelical charismatic and traditional churches and organisations including Focus On The Family, Spring Harvest, LICC, Billy Graham Association, Care For The Family, New Frontiers, Vineyard, New Wine David has spoken to over 300,000. He has written 14 books including the seminal workplace ministry title Work Prison Or Place of Destiny and a book on prophetic Find Your Voice. David also features reading plans on You Version the global Bible App. David is based in the Salt & Light Family of churches where he serves on the UK Apostolic Team and works across the churches internationally in a prophetic role.

Following the recent death of his 38 year old son from an unforgiving, short, and brutally painful fight with cancer David discovered that there were almost no books written about present heaven the destination for christians at death. After months of careful research this book answers questions like what about those who have ‘passed on’ well before this Where are they now? What does heaven look like? What will occupy us there? When David Oliver faced the death of his son Joel, he set about researching and writing this powerful book on heaven, committing to write whatever he discovered. This compelling and inspiring read looks at many biblical texts and provides us with a thrilling view of the future, a destiny well worth preparing for and looking forward to, which will enrich our vision and faith. 


Heaven is a Bit Confusing at First

One of the complications that at first glance feels unhelpful is that when we die we know we are immediately in the presence of Jesus, and yet that destination is not our final destination. The word heaven is applied both to our destination at death now, but also to our final destination, the eternal destination of the new earth and the new heaven. The present heaven is fantastic – the best we will have ever experienced – but is not the best we will ever experience. In other words, heaven will change over time and at a specific time.

Heaven is God’s address and God moves! There is a new day coming where a new Jerusalem will come down out of heaven to be located on the new earth, and as the apostle John explains, from then on ‘the dwelling of God is with man, and he will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God.’1 In other words, heaven, God’s dwelling place, will one day be on the new earth with a new city, the new Jerusalem. Ultimately, our final destination is an embodied resurrection where, with fantastic new bodies like the body of Jesus himself, we inhabit a new heaven, a new earth and a wonderful new Jerusalem.

N.T. Wright calls the final destination after the intermediate state or present heaven ‘life after “life after death”’. Life after death is therefore, and importantly, not all there is. 5 If we do not go straight to our final destination, where do we go at the moment when we die? N.T. Wright also suggests that when Jesus says, ‘I go to prepare a place for you’, the Greek word for ‘place’ mone is most often used for a temporary dwelling place, implying an eventual move to another location.

To read in full what heaven is like the book All About Heaven unpacks this in more detail


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